How We Work

Simply put, we try to make selling, finding or maintaining your car as easy as possible.  

SELLING: For most of our clients, we find a buyer for your car while the vehicle is kept in your care.  How?  

First, we do our own detailed review of your car. This review includes both the car itself and the history/provenance behind it. We then build a thorough and well checked vehicle brochure of sorts that I’ve yet seen matched by others in or around this business. This brochure and the documentation within will serve as an invaluable asset to both the seller and the buyer. The seller gains a single source document that best describes the vehicle being sold, along with all of it's features and individual history. The buyer gains the information needed to remove the "unknowns" from their decision.  

We study your vehicle’s specific market and who it’s prospective next owners are before we discuss with you how we would like to find the right buyer.

The marketing of your vehicle will be individually tailored to find the right buyer, whether that be a private sale or a more public presentation on our website and/or publications of best fit.

BUYING: We’ll work with our established network of marque experts, enthusiasts, historians and other clients like you to find and fulfill nearly any automotive desire. Most of the time, the exact car you want isn’t marketed for sale, but we’ll still endeavor to find out if the right car can be made available.

MAINTAINING:  If you’d like help maintaining a car, or a whole collection, we can help with that as well. Help maintaining can be as simple as our reference to a known expert on your particular automobile(s). If nothing further is desired, we try to provide such service and assistance free of charge. If you'd like us to go one step further, and have us manage the efforts and work being done by shop(s) or sub-contractor(s), on one or more of your automotive projects, we can normally work out a reasonable project management relationship.
Please contact us if you would like to further discuss any of the above.