About Us

I started this business to do what I love…  Source, sell, maintain and race vintage automobiles.

My love for cars has been there ever since I can remember, but the last fifteen years of helping friends and racing competitors with their efforts has resulted in this becoming more than just a livelihood. The cars, their stories and the people around them are my passion.

The established network of marque experts, enthusiasts, historians and other clients like you provides the ability to fulfill nearly any automotive request. 
Impeccable isn't just a company name.  The goal is to find and provide impeccably built and prepared automobiles. The service, support and follow up offered along the way should be as exemplary as the cars. Integrity and honesty will accompany every effort.   

If you’d like to talk about finding, selling, maintaining or racing an automobile, please contact us today.

What people are saying about us:

I had been racing vintage cars for nearly 15 years when I decided to invest in an Historic Trans Am Camaro. While I had grown up with these cars as a teenager, I solicited advice from the Historic Trans Am Group. I was put in touch with Chad Raynal as a person of “great knowledge” and “passion” with regards to these cars. This has turned out to be some of the best car advice I have ever received. Not only did I get a great history lesson from a true gentleman of the sport, I found an honest, true history Trans Am car: the ex-Rusty Jowett 1968 Camaro that finished as top privateer in 1969. Chad’s involvement included pre-purchase inspection, on-track evaluation, period correct conformance and parts sourcing from an extensive array of contacts. I would encourage anyone involved in vintage racing, or considering joining us on the track, to take advantage of the vast knowledge and passion Chad Raynal and Impeccable Inc. can provide.
Richard Goldsmith
Having purchased  a vintage Trans-Am car through Chad I can highly recommend him for assisting in the acquisition of historically significant automobiles. Chad Raynal is extremely knowledgeable and has the highest level of integrity in his work.  His passion and knowledge for vintage race cars and the accuracy of their history is second to none.  I highly recommend Chad for those looking for an unbiased approach to buying or selling vintage race and collector cars.
-Bill Ockerlund
Chad is the most complete car guy I know.  His knowledge across all genres of the sport is immense and detailed.  When I told Chad a bit about the type of vehicle I wanted, and my price range, he kept that knowledge in his back pocket until he found me the right vehicle.  With Chad's racing and fabrication background, I knew he wouldn't suggest just any vehicle.  He went out of his way to not only acquire information about the vehicle, but to get to know the owner and fabricator as well.   His in depth knowledge was reassuring during the purchase process.  He personally inspected the car and provided me with a comprehensive review over the phone.  Since I was buying from out of state, this helped immensely with my comfort level.  I put every confidence in his ability to spot inconsistencies in how a vehicle was restored or repaired, and to know how it should be done.  He is extremely particular with his own cars and expects no different from those he would offer. There is no hesitation in my recommendation of Chad and the Impeccable team.   
-Alan Reynolds
I have known Chad Raynal for some years and in that time he has represented my interests in locating and arranging the purchase of special interest auto and related parts, as well as the sale of similar items too.  Chad has also been instrumental in the sourcing and pre-purchase advise and counsel of a special interest automobile which was subsequently shipped internationally.  In every case Chad has thoroughly researched every aspect of the subject and advised accordingly.  I have found his industry knowledge to be unequaled and his sphere of influence very broad.  I would not hesitate to strongly recommend Chad's/Impeccable Inc. services to anyone with a need for independent and extremely well founded collector or race car services.
-Bruce T.
I've worked with Chad Raynal of Impeccable Inc. on both the sale and acquisition of historic race cars.  When he helped me sell a vintage race car, he painstakingly prepared an excellent sales brochure highlighting the car's factual history and specifications.  He was very adept at communicating with me several times a week regarding potential buyers, knows a lot of people in the industry and his knowledge of race car history and mechanics is superb. All of this culminated in a successful sale, in a brief period of time.  I have also worked with Chad to acquire another vintage race car, and the car didn't just meet my expectations.. It exceeded them. I heartily recommend Chad to anyone looking to buy or sell a vintage race or street car.
-Pat H.